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Label Of The Month - Run For Cover Records

Indie Mixtape
July 17, 2018

This month Indie Mixtape were lucky enough to get the chance to interview Run For Cover founder Jeff Casazza. The Boston based label is home to innovative bands such as Pinegrove, Self Defense Family and Petal. Read on below to hear from the label boss and music pioneer…

What is the story behind Run For Cover Records? 

I started the label in 2004, with the goal of releasing a 7” or two for hardcore punk bands I was friends with. I was very lucky in the beginning in terms of artists we worked with, most of them stayed together for a while, toured a decent amount, and sold enough copies for me to not lose money. While in college, I struggled to stay on top of things as the business grew quickly inside my apartment bedroom. I eventually graduated, hired our current label manager Tom, got an office, and filled out our staff with some of our hardest working friends.

Who was the first band you signed? 

The first band we put a record out for was called These Days, they were a metallic hardcore band from California.

Is there a common trait in all the bands on the roster? 

Yes and no. To your average listener, no, probably not, simply because a majority of artists we work with sound quite different. To myself, the people who work here, and people who follow the label closely, I would like to think that there is a commonality amongst it all that keeps people interested in what we do. My goal is to work with new, interesting, unique, and hardworking artists who make music I like, and my friends like. There’s no sound or look or ‘vibe’ we’re looking for. When we say “hey, we’re announcing a new artist tomorrow” on social media, 99% of people who follow us will have absolutely no idea who we’re signing, or even what genre it will be. It could be anything, a rapper, a dream pop band, an instrumental band, a hardcore band — and thats what I think is cool and what keeps me personally interested, and I hope other people feel the same.

How do you look for new artists? 

Generally we hear of things through word of mouth online, or booking agents we work with, managers, people in our bands etc telling us about a band or artist.

What is your favourite venue that you’ve seen one of your artists perform at? 

The Sinclair in Boston is always a favorite and we’re lucky enough to be able to see a majority of our bands there when they pass through Boston. As far as bigger venues, seeing Basement at Alexandra Palace was amazing.

Do you have a favourite release from your back catalogue? 

Definitely not a single release, no. I have strong feelings for all of them, and the feelings are always shifting and changing in different ways. Sometimes I won’t listen to one of our releases for years, and then listen to it once a week for six months. It’s just too hard to narrow it down or choose.

If you could work for another label what would it be? 

Drag City, definitely.

Do you have a favourite playlist?

I listen to a lot country playlists to discover new artists, but I generally do it based on suggestions from streaming services.

How would you describe Run For Cover Records for new fans in three words?

Really quite neat.

What can fans expect from the forthcoming Camp Cope tour? 

An incredibly strong performance from one of the best bands going. I can’t wait to see them again.

Petal’s LP is out today, what can fans expect from the new album?

A deeply personal album that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to and take something positive away from.

What can we expect next from Run For Cover Records? 

A handful of new signings in the next month or two, new LPs from Fury, Field Medic, Self Defense Family, and a bunch more that we can’t speak about yet.


Indie Mixtape

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