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Marsicans, Reading & Leeds Festival, Reading, August 2018

Laura Moat
Live Reviews
July 17, 2018

Sunday at Reading festival is miserable. The second and third day of hangover for many people and the rain is relentless. The only reason I am on site at noon is to see one of the best indie bands I’ve heard for a while – Marsicans.

I run over to the Radio 1 stage just in time to see the Leeds 5 piece walk onto stage. I look around and the tent is full of people smiling from ear to ear as the guys start making jokes. It’s hard not to find them utterly endearing as they gear up to play Pop Ups, their classic indie track that’s full of poppy hooks. It’s exactly what the drowned rats at Reading needed to lift their spirits and get pumped for another day of music in a field.

James’ unique vocals soar through the huge tent full of people as it dawns on me just how successful this band have become. Breaking in their home town of Leeds, it’s easy to think this band might not make the same impression in the south. That’s just not the case with Marsicans. They break into Too Good and hundreds of people of all varying ages are singing along to every word while every member of the band remains amazingly tight on stage.

Towards the end of the set, they play their soon to be released single, Suburbs. It’s always a challenge playing a song that no one has yet heard, but that doesn’t seem to phase the happy Marsicans fans. The track goes down incredibly well as the band thank their loving fans for a great reaction. Everyone has temporarily ignored the rain, the cold, and their terrible hangovers to enjoy an incredible set by an incredible band. Marsicans – your grandma will know who they are soon…..

Laura Moat

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